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This is where you can find out about the people (or, in Dan's case, the Dire Frogs) that write for the Time Waster's Guide. Pay special attention to the 'interests' section--you will probably agree more with reviewers who like similar games as yourself.

Daniel Wells (a.k.a. Fordralisk, a.k.a. Fellfrosch, a.k.a. "His Royal Wastefulness")
Site Involvement: You'll find Dan involved in all aspects of the site, as one would expect. However, his most visible function is that of running the editorial department. He's also the one who makes up those insane polls you have so much fun clicking on.
Bio: Daniel has a Bachelors in English from Brigham Young University. He was an editor at The Leading Edge Magazine, and is the author of two novels.
Interests/favorite games: Dan likes just about everything, which is why he's the perfect king of wastefulness.

Managing Editor
Brandon Sanderson (a.k.a. EUOL--Evil, Undead OverLord)
Site Involvement: Brandon runs two departments, the CCG Lair and the Tower of Cheapness. He also draws American Bachelors with Mecha(s), the TWG's webcomic.
Bio: Brandon also has a Bachelors in English. He was editor of The Leading Edge Magazine for two years, and is the author of twelve novels. When he's not working on one of his two weekly articles, webmastering three sub-departments, drawing three comics a week, or writing novels, Brandon occasionally finds time to work on a Masters of creative writing.
Interests: Brandon is a big fan of Magic: the Gathering, but has never liked tournament play. His favorite games include the Final Fantasy series and first-person shooters. However, he has yet to find a real-time strategy game that he enjoys.

Ben Olsen (a.k.a. Tage)
Site Involvement: Ben wrote the PHP for the site from the ground up, basing a lot of the functions off an early version of Postnuke. He rarely writes review articles, so if you find any, you can feel extra special. His involvement now consists mainly of maintaining the server and acting as the resident curmudgeon on the forums.
Bio: Ben Olsen has a bachelors degree from Brigham Young Universtity (BYU) in Computer Engineering. He's from Idaho, but we don't hold that against him (much). He maintains a visually stunning home page at www.rickstranger.com, the contents of which are updated rarely and mostly at whim. Also, in continuing the theme, he had a stint at being editor of The Leading Edge.
Interests: Ben enjoys real-time strategy games (i.e. Starcraft), and has expended much effort--to no avail-- trying to get Brandon addicted to them as well. He also enjoys RPGs and the occasional MMORPG. He used to read sci-fi/fantasy books, but now just tries to keep up with all the books Brandon and Dan write.

Artistic Design
Jeff Creer (a.k.a. 42)
Site Involvement: Jeff is responsible for the look and visual feel of the site. He has created many of the graphics for the site.
Bio: Jeff is from the Western U.S. He has an Associates degree in Computer Graphics. He has been the Art Director for the Leading Edge for three years. He also spent half a year as a full-time Graphic Designer for the Phone Directories and a year as a Creative Artist for Brigham Young University. In 2000 he won 3rd place in Utah’s Skills USA Advertising Design Competition, collegiate level. He is a card-carrying member of the National Art Educators Association and Utah Art Educators Association. He has published illustrations in several magazines and journals. He also has been involved as an artist in numerous site developments including, BYU Parent-Educator Partnership, BYU Dept. of Education Art WebQuest., and the Leading Edge. Jeff is currently studying for a Bachelors Degree in numerous art related programs. (He already has two degrees, by the way. Jeff is the beloved 'eternal student' of our site.)
Interests: Most of Jeff’s spare time is spent in artistic endeavors, but when he gets a moment he enjoys board games, RPGs and movies.

Movie Department
Ethan Skarstedt (a.k.a.--appropriately--Skar)
Site Involvement: Head of the Movie Department. Watches lots of movies (aw, poor guy) and passes the news on to you.
Bio: Ethan has a Bachelors Degree in English from Brigham Young University. He reads too many books, plays too many games, watches too many movies, and has just re-discovered skateboarding. He doesn't write nearly enough, or spend enough time fixing up his house, but he's working on it.
Interests: Ethan's favorite movies are as follows, (in no particular order.)
Thirteenth Warrior
The Truman Show
Henry V (Kenneth Brannagh)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Blazing Saddles
Conan the Destroyer
You've Got Mail

Michael Darpino (a.k.a. Joe Hannigan homicide detective, a.k.a Michael Saltzman homicidal maniac)
Site Involvement: Reviewer of Films
Bio: Michael is a self-taught man with head full of ideas. He's the original strong, silent type except when writing or with close friends. He is a student of movies, covert warfare, and ugly truths. Michael attended the Hollywood Film Institute, and has worked on various movie productions, including several where he was lead producer. He is the author of numerous movie scripts, and he won "Best Movie Pitch artist" for Washington D.C. back in 1997.
Motto: "No mentor but myself" - Jack London
Interests: Michael's 10 favorite movies are:
1. Taking of Pelham 1,2,3
2. Diehard
3. Dark of the Sun
4. Carlito's Way
5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
6. Glen Gary Glenn Ross
7. Taxi Driver
8. Zulu
9. John Carpenter's The Thing
10. A Bullet in the Head

Table-top Games Department
Rob Wells: (a.k.a. House of Mustard, or a.k.a Robison, but not Robert.)
Site Involvement: Head of the Table-top area, Rob occasionally hands in articles, although he makes excuses at least three times a week.
Bio: Rob has a lousy associates in General Studies, but is now working on a double major in Political Science and History, which will avail him nothing in the long run (although Dan's done all right with an English degree – I guess there’s hope.) He has written ¾ of a novel, and has previously worked for the University of Utah’s weekly art magazine ‘Red’ as the theater critic.
Interests: He plays Imperial Guard and Chaos in Warhammer 40k, and Empire in Warhammer Fantasy. He plays most any computer game that gets thrown his way, although he has no use whatsoever for Role Playing (like Final Fantasy, Diablo II, etc…)

Charlie Mitchell: (a.k.a. Charlie82 and/or the Lazy Fat Bastard).
Site Involvement: Tabletop or anything else he feels like messing around with.
Bio: currently messing around with A levels at college he has vague ideas of managing a shop where he will get to fulfill his passions : not doing much, talking and messing around (a.k.a. Time Wasting). Accused of not putting any effort in and regarding homework as something that happens to other people, it is unlikely that his upcoming exams in Business Studies, Economics and Computing will remotely resemble in any way a A - E (pass) mark so it would probably be wise to ignore education completely on his count.
Interests: He plays Chaos, Tyranids in Warhammer 40k, and Chaos Warriors in Warhammer Fantasy as well as a whole host of other armies lying around gathering dust. He plays any computer game involving death, destruction, Star Wars and high calibre machine guns (preferably a combination of the four) but has a marked tendency towards RPG's, RTS's and FPS's while shying away from driving or sports games. He has also starting buggering around with Vampire : the Masquerade and watching MTV. Violent films are also a treasured pursuit. His book collection (Sci-fi and fantasy for the most part) is nearing 200 in number.

RPG Department
Nathan Jennings (a.k.a. Kid Kilowatt)
Site Involvement: RPG Department Head (and frequent movie reviewer)
Bio: Nathan is a law student who really shouldn't have any time to waste. He enjoys blancmange, Guided By Voices, and long walks on the beach. His turn-offs include self-centered people, kittens, and puddles of vomit. His wife Faith is the one person who is able to keep him from going off the deep end.
Interests: Nathan is way too cool to think that anything is interesting. The best things in the world are only just barely "not boring."

Staff Writers

Nathan Goodrich

Eric Ehlers (a.k.a. Saint Ehlers)
Site Involvement: RPG Reviewer
Bio: Eric is mysterious

Jordan Sanderson (a.k.a. Spriggan) Site Involvement: Head of the Video Game and Tower of Cheepness deparments. He also writes RPG reviews. He's also supposed to write anime articles, but since 90% of the anime on the market is pure crap he dosen't watch much anymore. He also plans on getting several Flash games done this summer (pesky graphics).
Bio: Jordan has a PHD in procrastination from some mail-order college. He is also a Japanese major a BYU.
Interests: Jordan is a Fan of Anime and all video games (except for those stupid RTS games). His current games are the Final Fantasy Origins and Guilty Gear XX. Current anime series are Beserk and .hack//sign. Current anime that he can't believe that anyone actually watches: Dragon Ball and Trigun.

Chris Kugler
Chis just got married, so don't expect his bio--or anything else from him--any time soon.
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